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Communication of ChangZhou Plastics Factory

Sep. 29, 2020

(2020) Thirteenth Issue

Compiled and issued by Changzhou Plastics Factory Co., Ltd September 25, 2020


In order to fully reflect the work progress and staff performance of ChangZhou Plastics Factory Co., Ltd, and further strengthen the enterprise's spiritual and cultural development to effectively boost the building of the enterprise's cultural system and create a positive working atmosphere, it is hereby decided to edit and compile this communication upon review.


 【Working Trends】


▲A multi-pronged enterprise to achieve high-quality development. Development is the absolute principle. It is the overall goal for enterprises to achieve high-quality and sustainable development. Enterprises should not only seek speed and quality blindly but also can not be blinded by money, pursue economic interests unilaterally, and ignore social benefits. The company should keep pace with the times, seize the opportunity, constantly adjust the development plan of the enterprise, and realize the all-round development.


▲On August 25, a Changzhou Daily reporter came to our company to interview Mr. Zhu, who explained the enterprise from the aspects of enterprise development concept, future planning and overall objectives. First of all, we should clarify the concept of the green and healthy development of enterprises, respond to the call of the state, adhere to the development criteria of "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains", and take sustainable development and resource conservation and protection as the enterprise's own responsibility. Secondly, enterprises keep pace with the times, innovation is the source of development, innovation is the first place, enterprises from the future planning and management of two aspects to provide security and support for the follow-up development of enterprises. Finally, the enterprise always takes safety production as the production concept, and always takes safety production as the top priority. At the same time, the company's people-oriented tenet is the most fundamental guarantee for the staff. Through various efforts, the company helps high-quality development and realizes the overall goal of sustainable development as soon as possible.


▲According to the arrangement of the provincial party committee and government's "one hundred regiments into one million enterprises" activity, the Management Committee of the Party Working Committee of Wujin high tech Zone started from July to September. I attended the safety production promotion meeting on August 28 which is supported by Jiang Zhilong, deputy director of the Management Committee of the high tech Zone, the meeting focused on three aspects: an in-depth study of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important expositions on production safety, the spirit of important instructions, fully understanding the current form of safety production, clarifying key tasks, and solidly promoting the effective implementation of various requirements of work safety in enterprises, aiming to realize the "two full coverage" of grassroots publicity and education, we will comprehensively strengthen the implementation of the main responsibility for work safety, promote the general secretary's important exposition on work safety into the mind, see what we can do, and put it into practice. We will promote the modernization of the management system and capacity of production safety in the Wujin national high tech Zone to a new level.


Safety production is an important concept throughout the company's operation and development. Enterprises adhere to propaganda and guidance, emphasize the importance of safety for the development of production companies in many aspects, and put safety work into practice. The company actively implements the main responsibility of safety, carries out the accurate inspection on all production links, analyzes specific problems according to different production work, creates a good working atmosphere, solves safety problems in grass-roots production links as soon as possible, builds a great wall of safety production and eliminates potential safety hazards. The development concept of safety production is integrated into the enterprise culture, and the safety concept of all employees is firmly established. Safety provides a solid protective barrier for production efficiency and quality. Routine inspection is not only responsible for the safety of the company, but also for the safety of the company. In view of the main characteristics and outstanding problems of relevant safety production accident cases, the enterprise compacts the responsibility layer by layer, strictly rectifies and implements, strengthens the risk prevention and control, and strives to eliminate the accident hidden danger fundamentally and effectively curb the occurrence of enterprise safety production accident. Enterprises should strengthen the implementation of the main responsibility of enterprises, firmly adhere to the bottom line of safety production, earnestly safeguard the safety of people's lives and property, promote the further improvement of enterprise safety production mechanism, maintain the general development keynote of "seeking progress instability", realize sustainable and healthy development, and boost the high-quality development of enterprises on the premise of ensuring the continuous development of enterprises.


▲"One chopstick can be broken, ten chopsticks can not be broken easily." The success of an enterprise is bound to be inseparable from the joint efforts of all employees. Unity and cooperation and collective consciousness are the necessary work spirit of employees. Employees put their enthusiasm into the development of enterprises, and enterprises should also give greater protection to staff from salary performance, allowances, and subsidies. In the hot summer, the employees struggling in each position are always performing their duties with their own actions and sweat. Based on the company's principle of people-oriented, the company pays more attention to the company's employees and inspires the enthusiasm of the company's employees!


▲The company continued to increase the machine reform projects and put in new equipment. Equipment is the fundamental guarantee of the enterprise's basic production work, which can not only improve production efficiency but also greatly improve the production quality and realize high-quality and high-efficiency production. Regular inspection and maintenance of environmental protection equipment can not only effectively proofread equipment data, reduce working errors, but also increase the service life of the equipment, promote sustainable production, and reduce costs. Our company always takes the protection of the ecological environment and green and sustainable development as its own responsibility, uses environmental protection equipment from the "source" of production work, actively responds to the call of the state, and becomes the "participant" of environmental protection and the "responsible person" of environmental protection production. Environmental protection equipment can not only effectively control environmental pollution and improve environmental quality, but also promote the development of circular economy, further optimize the structure and improve the operation quality.


▲Changzhou Plastics Factory Co., Ltd. will continue to promote the internal scientific adjustment of the enterprise, follow the development trend, meet the social needs, seek development, and find opportunities. Products and technology are the foundation of an enterprise. We will continue our efforts in scientific and technological innovation, climb the summit bravely, and make new and greater steps in supporting advanced development. Accelerate the integration of enterprises, lay a solid foundation for the high-quality development of enterprises, create a better future for enterprises, and speed up the realization of enterprise grand blueprint!

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