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Communication of ChangZhou Plastics Factory

Aug. 12, 2020

(2020) Tenth Issue

Compiled and issued by Changzhou Plastics Factory Co., Ltd August 14, 2020


In order to fully reflect the work progress and staff performance of ChangZhou Plastics Factory Co., Ltd, and further strengthen the enterprise's spiritual and cultural development to effectively boost the building of enterprise's cultural system and create a positive working atmosphere, it is hereby decided to edit and compile this communication upon review.

【Working Trends】

 Communication of ChangZhou Plastics Factory

▲The most important thing for enterprises is keeping pace with the times in order to build a sunshine enterprise, we should not only assess the situation in the face of complicated problems, but also stimulate the overall vitality of the enterprise, constantly optimize the internal structure of the enterprise, grasp the "steering wheel" of keeping pace with the times, and play a good combination of high-quality development.


▲The safety administrator is the "gatekeeper" of enterprise safety production. The company has always adhered to the principle that safety issues are more important than Mount Tai and put safety production in the first place. The safety administrator of the enterprise is the basis for ensuring safety production and promoting high-quality development. Recently, the company's safety managers will go to relevant professional organizations for safety production training. Safety managers learn safety professional knowledge, It not only effectively improves the professional quality of the administrator, but also lays a good foundation for the safe production of the company in the future. Through learning, correct the wrong behavior, solve the potential problems in time, escort the safety production, and "resolve" the safety problems in the production link.

Communication of ChangZhou Plastics Factory

Some people say that if the enterprise is written as a concerto, then safety products should be the first chapter. Safety is very important for the sustainable development of an enterprise. If there is a deviation in safety production, the whole enterprise will be harmed. Therefore, as an enterprise in the new era, it should consciously practice the concept of "safety first". Enterprises should grasp the main contradictions according to the main characteristics and outstanding problems, we should strengthen the implementation of the main responsibility of enterprises, firmly hold the bottom line of safety products, and strive to establish a long-term and effective safety management mechanism to promote the normalization of enterprise safety management.


▲The company has always had a streamlined and efficient customer after-sales service system with clear rights and responsibilities, and continuously and effectively plays the leading role of the enterprise and the basic role of sales personnel. In the face of customer after-sales service problems, it can take multiple measures to effectively solve the problems of responsibility shifting and low efficiency from the source. The company effectively demonstrates the advantages of streamlining and efficient service system, which not only meets the needs of customers for the first time but also greatly improves the satisfaction of customers with the company's service. The company improves the service awareness, management level, and service system, and actively provides high-quality service for customers instead of passivity. Through the specific measures such as broadening customer channels and improving customer management, the company has made clear the important positioning of sales for the company's development. The company will give full play to the role of sales in promoting the enterprise, improve the follow-up security service for customers, help the individual differences of enterprise sales, and increase the market share of enterprise products.

 Communication of ChangZhou Plastics Factory

▲Summer is Du Fu's "midsummer bitter night is short, open the porch to be cool", is also Meng's "hot summer for the sun, a hall of October wind", is Meng Haoran's "is the time of midsummer, the scenery is natural and unrestrained". Through the beautiful spring, ushered in the vigorous summer, is such a colorful, brilliant and warm. In August, the blue sky, hanging fireball like sun, facing the coming high-temperature weather, the company provides heatstroke prevention products for employees, attaches importance to the needs of employees, and always adheres to the enterprise concept of people-oriented.


▲Changzhou Plastics Factory Co., Ltd. will hold the "steering wheel" of keeping pace with the times and self-improvement, promote the sustainable development of the enterprise, and achieve high-quality development. We will not indulge in fantasy, focus on empty voice, irrigate the harvest with sweat, and forge ahead with hard work to create a brilliant future for the enterprise!

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