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Communication of ChangZhou Plastics Factory

Jul. 27, 2020

(2020) Ninth Issue

Compiled and issued by Changzhou Plastics Factory Co., Ltd July 27, 2020


In order to fully reflect the work progress and staff performance of ChangZhou Plastics Factory Co., Ltd, and further strengthen the enterprise's spiritual and cultural development to effectively boost the building of enterprise's cultural system and create a positive working atmosphere, it is hereby decided to edit and compile this communication upon review.


【Working Trends】

▲Do a good job in business addition to promote scientific development. The new story pushes Shu scrolls and the red and green hands to Cuifeng. The beautiful blueprint of the enterprise is done one by one. Only the patience of "finding problems and finding solutions" is the careful work of all aspects of the company can truly organically combine the "individuality" of the company with the "commonality" of the development trend of the times, continue to adjust and optimize the internal structure of the company, formulate a scientific and reasonable system, and establish a long-term effective management mechanism.

 Communication of ChangZhou Plastics Factory

▲ On May 28th, the Jiangsu Provincial Market Supervision Administration visited Changzhou City to investigate the situation of food packages and dangerous package production enterprises. Our company was fortunate to be recommended by Wujin District as one of the two representative enterprises. At 12 noon, Jiangsu Province Market Supervision and Administration Director Zhou, Changzhou City Six leaders, including Director Ji of the Field Supervision Administration and Section Chief Yao Section of the Wujin District Market Supervision Bureau, visited the company and not only listened to the introduction of our company, but also concerned about the impact of this year's epidemic. Then, at our company's vice president under the leadership of the manager, the leaders visited the production process and laboratory conditions of the food package barrel and the dangerous package barrel and asked with interest about the specific functions of various testing instruments and test equipment.

During this trip, our company’s products have been unanimously affirmed by the leaders of the market supervision administration. The market supervision administration is an important national functional department that supervises the entire market from market access to production and circulation, to consumer rights protection, and is committed to maintaining the market order, create a market environment of honesty and trustworthiness, and fair competition. Our company can be a recommended company by the Market Supervision Administration and be praised by superiors, which is a great encouragement to us! It is also a great motivation for us to continue to be better and stronger!


▲The company adheres to the sales policy of "guaranteeing the after-sales service of old customers and eliminating the doubts of new customers". Recently, the sales department visited customers, and for old customers, it basically focused on the after-sales issues such as "whether the product is stable in use and whether technical assistance is needed", so as to be timely meet the reasonable needs of customers, solve product-related problems as soon as possible, and guarantee customer after-sales. For new customers and potential customers, the staff of the sales department, uphold the sincerity of cooperation of "questions must be answered, and doubts must be resolved", and use corporate strength to dispel customers' doubts, with the goal of expanding the scope of sales and increasing sales targets, and implementing sales work. Relying on the company's unique advantages, expanding effective customer groups, developing potential customers, and increasing customer development efforts. The company has always maintained a keen insight into the market strengthen, increase effective market share, and ensure market competitiveness. Give full play to the positive role of sales in ensuring after-sales, promoting development, expanding the market, and increasing competition, and relying on sales to promote the company's sustainable and healthy development.

Communication of ChangZhou Plastics Factory

▲Environmental protection equipment is the basis of production work, and it is also a must-have to support the green growth of industrial economic benefits. The company regularly check and maintain environmental protection equipment, which can effectively check equipment data, reduce work errors, and increase the use of equipment longevity, promote sustainable production of enterprises, and reduce costs. "Green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains", our company always takes the protection of the ecological environment and green sustainable development as its own responsibility uses environmental protection equipment from the "source" of production work, and actively responds to the call of the country, Be a "participant" in protecting the environment and be the "responsible person" in environmental production. Environmental protection equipment can not only effectively control environmental pollution, improve environmental quality, but also promote the development of a circular economy, further optimize the structure, and improve the quality of operation.


▲The improvement of the production environment is of great significance to the promotion of systematic management of the enterprise. Recently, the company has carried out a scientific layout plan for the crushing workshop and put it into action to renovate the crushing room. The sound of the crushing room is louder, and reasonable planning can not only isolate noise, and improving the production environment can also protect the safety of operating staff and improve the level of safety. This time, it is mainly aimed at the problems of large noise in the crushing room, large amounts of debris, unclassified items, and untimely cleaning. Relevant work responsibilities should be identified to "persons", and rules and regulations that comply with the management of the crushing room should be formulated, up and down, and promote the integration of related basic production work, continuously improve the internal structure of the company, strengthen detailed transformation, and enhance the overall strength of the company.


 Changzhou Plastics Factory Co., Ltd. will continue to further promote the internal scientific adjustment of the company, follow the development trend, respond to social needs, seek development, and find opportunities. Products and technology are the foundation of a company's life. The company will make persistent efforts in technological innovation and climb the peak, to take new and greater steps in supporting advanced development. Adhere to the integrated promotion of all-round work such as internal optimization and expansion of sales markets, and continue to work hard to lay a solid foundation for the sustainable and healthy development of the company, and create a better future for the company. Build up momentum to accelerate the realization of the corporate blueprint.



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