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Communication of ChangZhou Plastics Factory

Oct. 16, 2020

(2020) Fifteenth Issue

Compiled and issued by Changzhou Plastics Factory Co., Ltd October 16, 2020


In order to fully reflect the work progress and staff performance of ChangZhou Plastics Factory Co., Ltd, and further strengthen the enterprise's spiritual and cultural development to effectively boost the building of the enterprise's cultural system and create a positive working atmosphere, it is hereby decided to edit and compile this communication upon review.


【Working News】


▲Aim at "safe production" bullseye drill to enhance feasibility. "Suffers are born from negligence, and disasters arise from subtle." The company must start from the source of safety production, pay attention to production details, accelerate the implementation of corporate responsibility, firmly hold the bottom line of safety products, and strive to achieve "zero loopholes" in safety issues. "Do not ignore" the production process. Communication of ChangZhou Plastics FactoryAt the same time, the company should further exert its "nail spirit". In the face of safe production, all employees should regard safety issues as their own responsibility. Future sustainable development is escorted.


▲What is safety? Safety is the life of an enterprise, the benefit of the enterprise, and an important guarantee for the staff. Safety is the eternal theme of enterprise development, is an important part of enterprise management, and it is the top priority for employees' well-being. Safety is not an indicator of production, and underproduction can be recovered, but safety is the core of enterprise development.

On September 4, the company held a production safety training conference for all employees. This conference not only raised employees’awareness of the necessity of production safety but also implemented standardized operations for every production worker. First, the staff should strictly follow the rules and regulations and operating procedures to prevent and reduce the occurrence of safety accidents in the production process. Second, by establishing a safety responsibility system, formulating safety management systems and operating procedures, investigating and managing potential safety hazards and monitoring major hazards, establishing preventive mechanisms, standardizing mechanism behavior, and ensuring that all production links comply with relevant safety production laws, regulations, and standards. Human, machine, material, law, and environment are in a good production state and continuous improvement. Third, establish and improve the safety production management system, clarify the person in charge of team safety, and clarify the division of labor, and carry out work according to their respective scope of responsibilities and requirements. Finally, the production staff must understand the rules and regulations, understand the safety technology knowledge, understand the post-operation process, can prevent accidents and troubleshoot, fundamentally control the illegal operations, especially the habitual illegal operations. So as to restrict fluke psychology and put an end to safety production problems.

Communication of ChangZhou Plastics Factory

Companies should follow the principles of "management of production must manage safety" and "who is in charge of who is responsible", supervise and manage the safety production work of the department, and urge and guide to continuously strengthen the basic safety work of each department to do a good job in safety production, which is the survival and development of the enterprise. The basic requirement is to eliminate or control dangerous and harmful factors, to protect the personal safety and health of employees, to prevent equipment and facilities from being damaged, and to adopt corresponding prevention and control measures. Adhere to the "safety first, prevention first, relying on science " approach. Strictly abide by the regulations of the safety operation regulations, continuously improve their own safety operation skills, and ensure safe production "life is precious and safety responsibility is great".

▲To test whether the company and various departments respond quickly when an incident occurs when using space and elevator use, whether emergency measures are reasonable, and whether safety and security work is in place. Recently, the company organized a limited space drill and a cargo elevator drill. In order to enhance safety awareness and emergency response capabilities, strengthen self-rescue and rescue skills in response to various disasters and accidents, improve rapid response capabilities, emergency rescue capabilities, and coordinated operations capabilities, and comprehensively enhance the ability to withstand accidents. This exercise not only enabled employees to improve the efficiency of resource utilization, but also strengthened the knowledge and skills of the company's employees to effectively respond to sudden work safety accidents, and improved the emergency response-ability and handling level of responding to work safety accidents, and ensured that in the event of major safety for production accidents, the company can effectively organize, respond quickly, operate efficiently, and avoid chaos, and minimize the harm of major safety production accidents.

Communication of ChangZhou Plastics Factory

▲Changzhou Plastics Factory Co., Ltd. will continue to take safety production as the "lifeline" of development and the "happiness line" of ensuring the safety of employees. The company will devote itself to the front line of safety production, increase overall safety management capabilities, and standardize Safe Production.




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