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Communication of ChangZhou Plastics Factory

Sep. 11, 2020

2020) Twelfth Issue

Compiled and issued by Changzhou Plastics Factory Co., Ltd September 11, 2020


In order to fully reflect the work progress and staff performance of ChangZhou Plastics Factory Co., Ltd, and further strengthen the enterprise's spiritual and cultural development to effectively boost the building of the enterprise's cultural system and create a positive working atmosphere, it is hereby decided to edit and compile this communication upon review.

【Working Trends】


▲Adhere to the scientific development of enterprises. The ancients said: Li Yifen Shu. Things are generally connected, and different problems may reflect the same truth. At present, the problems of safe production and efficient work in the process of sustainable development of enterprises contain the same truth, that is, the rationality of the overall development of enterprises. In the face of these complicated problems, it is urgent for us to grasp the nose of the scientific planning of enterprises and do a good job in training and planning the standardized management ability of enterprises. We should focus on the general direction of enterprise development. Innovation is the source of enterprise development, and rational reform is the driving force of enterprise progress. Enterprises should correctly understand the development trend and characteristics of the times, keep pace with the times and realize innovative development.

 Communication of ChangZhou Plastics Factory▲On August 6, the environmental protection division of Wujin high tech Zone organized and held a training meeting on environmental protection laws and regulations for enterprise leaders of Wujin national high tech Zone, and representatives of our company attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Gu Yongmei, deputy director of the Wujin Environmental Protection Bureau. The situation, interpretation of newly issued laws and regulations, relevant provisions on damage compensation, how to strengthen standardized management, and joint disciplinary measures are analyzed in five aspects. Taking Changzhou environmental protection illegal cases as an example, the enterprise representatives can deeply understand the importance of standardized management and strict compliance with the law under the current new situation of environmental protection. Compliance with the law is the premise and an important basis for the development of enterprises. As a member of building a harmonious society, the company should implement the principle of "all staff abide by the law". Combined with the characteristics of enterprise development and the new situation of the social environment, enterprises should make scientific planning, refuse to "one size fits all", and analyze specific problems. Adhere to the green development concept of "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains", adhere to the scientific development concept of people-oriented, assume the responsibility of environmental protection in the new era, improve the utilization rate of resources, and promote the high-quality development of enterprises. To protect the ecological environment is to protect the productive forces, and to improve the ecological environment is to develop productive forces.

Communication of ChangZhou Plastics Factory

▲Fire emergency drill. The company adheres to the normalization of work safety. A fire drill is an essential part of enterprise safety production. Reasonable and timely fire emergency drill can actively implement the main responsibility of enterprise safety, carry out an accurate inspection on all production links, create a good safe working atmosphere, resolve the safety problems in the grass-roots production links, build a great wall of safety production and eliminate potential safety hazards. Recently, the company has focused on safety through this drill, the company's relevant staff more aware of the importance of fire safety. Safety production should be taken as the preface of enterprise development. Safety is very important for the sustainable development of an enterprise. If there is a deviation in safety production, it will harm the whole enterprise. Therefore, fire safety is the top priority, which can effectively curb the occurrence of production safety accidents. The company strengthened the implementation of the main responsibility of the enterprise and firmly held the bottom line of safety production. Focus on the establishment of long-term and effective safety management mechanisms to promote the normalization of safety management of the company.

▲Customers come to the company for audit. Recently, Anhui customers came to the company for an audit. Relying on the improvement of the simplified and efficient customer after-sales service system with clear rights and responsibilities, the company plays the leading role of enterprises and the basic role of sales personnel and takes various measures to solve after-sales problems. This time, customers came to audit, the company effectively demonstrated the advantages of the streamlined and efficient service system, not only to meet the needs of customers in the first time, reduce steps, improve efficiency, but also greatly improve the satisfaction of customers to the company's related services. The company improves service awareness, management level, and service system, turns passivity into the initiative, actively provides high-quality service for customers, truly implements the "customer-centered" service concept, and adheres to the purpose of serving customers wholeheartedly.Communication of ChangZhou Plastics Factory The company has made clear its sales positioning by expanding customer channels and improving customer management. We should give full play to the promotion role of sales to the company, improve the follow-up security services for customers, help the company's personalized sales differences, increase the market share of the company's products, and effectively realize the company's high-quality development.

 Communication of ChangZhou Plastics Factory▲The company issues heatstroke prevention and cooling supplies. Facing the extremely hot and unbearable high-temperature weather, the company attaches great importance to the work needs of its employees, and provides them with essential balm, Huoxiang Zhengqi liquid, salt soda water, and other heatstroke prevention products to prevent high-temperature heatstroke and fully guarantee the health of the company's employees. The company always adheres to the employee-oriented management concept, through the company's scientific planning and overall measures, to achieve the goal of high-quality development.


▲Because of the unremitting efforts to pay for life, so colorful; because of indomitable struggle, so life washed out; because of the efforts of lofty aspirations, so bold and free. "Although the road is near, we need to do it; even if the matter is small, it's not impossible."Changzhou Plastics Factory Co., Ltd. does not indulge in fantasy, does not focus on empty voice, down-to-earth, hard work, will create brilliant achievements, achievements beneficial to the society and the times!


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